High precision hybrid analog masters.

Full service, personalized mastering that will take your music seriously to every detail

Over 25 years of experience in music production and 15 years in mastering

Service includes pro tips and advice on how to improve the quality of your production



Just can’t get that mix working?
Look no further.

A multitrack mastering service for significantly improved sound quality, better dynamics and highly transparent mixes

Gives the ability to easily fix balance and phasing issues

Get your tracks mixed by a professional!



The original files were lost but you need to get that track mastered? Help!

Special processing technique to re-create the dynamics and clarity on outdated mixes, even previously mastered tracks

Drums can be mixed again to compensate for the lack of punch or a clean low end

The source can be anything from a c-cassette recording to 32-bit audio file



We want you to feel confident of the results before deciding
who you want to work with.

Send a link to your premaster file and you’ll receive a 30 sec long mastering preview of your music. When sending the premaster, also include a link to a reference track (WAV, AIFF, or Spotify link) so we know what type of sound you are after.



Markku Louhio is a mastering engineer and electronic music producer based in Helsinki, Finland. He’s been producing music professionally since the late 90’s and did his initial mastering training at the legendary Finnvox Studios in 2002, working with bands such as HIM and Apocalyptica, being involved in mastering projects for some of the biggest names in Finland.

A track record of over 60 releases and about 400 gigs in his resume, Markku is known for his projects Kiwa, Headphonics, Highpersonic Whomen and the Omen Sisters. Playing live & DJ for over 20 years in Finland and abroad has teached him the importance of what great mastering and sound production can do on the dancefloor.

The dB Factory was founded in 2015. Specialised in electronic music but also mastering and mixing for hip hop, funk, jazz, metal and rock music.


“I’ve known Markku for many years and have had the pleasure of witnessing his mastering abilities evolve into the high standard that they are today. His audio work is clean, crisp and cutting edge, which is matched by his level of business professionalism. I would not hesitate in recommending him for any post-production/ mastering work.”


Producer / DJ

“I had the pleasure to produce and create side by side (with Markku), so basically what you get is more than mastering but a creative mastering too with a constant professional consciousness on top of it.”


Producer / DJ

“From first contact to final product Markku gave professional service and made custom crafted mastering to my tracks that needed to suit game music industry standards. He has a clear vision and high end studio to work with. On top of the deal I got some very useful pro tips for mixing. During the process I also evolved myself as a producer. Recommended!”


Producer / Sound Designer

“Markku is one of the best electronic music producers in Finland and also one of the few mastering engineers specialized in electronic music. He has mastered some high profile finnish releases like Squarefeet, Muffler and Davo. Markku did couple of test masters for me. Even that they were “quick masters” he got the spectral balance quite accurately to where it should be and the masters sounded transparent. Low-mid problems were also taken care of. Markku has a very good ear for problems in the mix or master and is a very nice guy to deal with. He is also very knowledgeable about various kind of mastering techniques. I can warmly recommend his services to anyone.”


Producer / DJ

“Great dynamics, Bright and airy highs. True high end sound and great customer service. Recommending!”


Producer / DJ